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The American Pride Library is a grassroots project launched by parents 

to send patriotic books to Scottsdale Unified School District's

kindergarten-to-12th grade school libraries!

Let's fill our classrooms and libraries with books that showcase honest stories about America's past, revealing the lessons learned from dark spots in our nation's history, and celebrating the accomplishments. These age-appropriate books will also give students a deeper understanding of the U.S. constitution and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers in establishing a government structure that

promotes equal opportunities for all. 

Supporting an American Pride Library program in Scottsdale offers an opportunity to take meaningful action that will have a positive impact on our community's youth! 


Educators and librarians at Scottsdale Unified School District are invited to request an American Pride Library kit. 

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Make a Donation

All students should have access to books that accurately portray American values and a deep understanding of our government. The American Pride Library is supported 100% by donations. DONATE TODAY and help to support a library at your child's Scottsdale Unified school. 

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Share with your family and friends and ask them to lend their support to ensure that your child's school receives an American Pride Library! 

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American Pride Library
Book Examples

Shown above and below are examples of the types of books that will be included in

each American Pride Library kit. Kits will be customized for K-5 elementary 

schools, middle schools and high school libraries, and will include patriot posters, stickers and decorations so that each teacher and librarian can create a fun and engaging display.


We aim to donate books that are not yet found in SUSD libraries.

Review a working list of our proposed book donations. 

Have a book suggestion? 

Email us at

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Support Scottsdale's American Pride Library Program and help fill Scottsdale Unified School District's libraries and classrooms with patriotic books.

Kim Miller, President and Founder,

Arizona Women of Action

We highly recommend supporting the American Pride Library in Scottsdale. Kids need honest books about our amazing history so they can take advantage of America’s great blessings for themselves.”

Joseph Chaplik

AZ State Representative

“In the past few years, we’ve seen a disturbing trend of leftist, anti-American, and even sexualized books entering our public-school libraries. That is why it is encouraging to see parents take a stand with Scottsdale Unites for Educational Integrity and donate patriotic, age-appropriate books to K-12 public school libraries here in the Scottsdale Unified School District. As your representative, I have supported accountability and transparency in our public school system and opposed the dangerous comprehensive sex education in our elementary schools. I am proud to support the American Pride Library program which will counteract leftist activists by bringing pro-American resources to our public schools here in Scottsdale.”

Adrienne Johnson, Sr. Advisor,

 Arizona Women of Action

“Today, GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) is sending Rainbow Library kits to SUSD librarians, and encouraging staff to create elaborate displays to highlight sexual orientation and gender identity books to children. What if schools were instead provided the resources to create pro-American displays in every library? To my knowledge, there is no other organization offering this service, so it’s a blessing that the APL program was created to fill this void."
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Sponsorship Opportunities

Ensure your SUSD school of choice receives a full American Pride Library book set with a $500 donation and receive recognition for your donation. OR, select a book from our American Pride Library list and cover the cost to send that book to age-appropriate schools in the Scottsdale Unified district. 

Email us for more information:

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