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Social Emotional Learning

Read our selection of articles to learn about the ultimate goals of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), the industry players and the impact on our children.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) 101

Social and Emotional Learning.” It sounds so innocuous, so appropriate and positive. School officials and policy makers are asking: How could any parent oppose the development of social and emotional skills? But parents are growing more and more alarmed – and for very good reasons."

                                                         - Parents Defending Education 

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SEL+ESG=Social Credit System

How would you feel if your child was hired (or not hired) based on their social credit score vs. their knowledge and ability? 

"The new goal of SEL programs that align to CASEL’s standards is to groom students into thinking that the systems of society are intentionally built to be oppressive toward certain groups of people, and that they need to become agents of change (social justice activists) who want to overthrow those systems to make them more “equitable.” - Lisa Logan

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New Study Finds Multiple Problems with Push for Social-Emotional Learning in K-12 Education

"Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has been billed as a transformational tool that will propel students to greater academic achievement and personal fulfillment.  Unfortunately, the research evidence to back up these claims is thin and unpersuasive. Moreover, the risks SEL poses to student privacy and health are significant." - 

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Social Emotional Learning is a Tool to Reframe Your Child's View of Society

Social Emotional Learning is a tool for social justice and equity.


This revelation is straight from CASEL, the foundation for all Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs. To fully understand the impact of this statement, one must understand the progressive concept of “equity.”


Not to be mistaken for equality, a founding American value, the political left ideology of equity asks us to adopt the conflicting concept that outcome among racial groups must be equal. The progressive left argues that creating policies that offer everyone, regardless of their race, an equal opportunity is racist.


“America was rooted in equality and freedom. Equity requires freedom to be curbed. It’s therefore a national tragedy to watch equality of rights abandoned in favor of equity. If freedom is discarded to achieve equality of outcome, we no longer live in an America defined by the Declaration of Independence. We live in an America defined by tribalism and leveling — and, in short order, tyranny,” says Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire.


With equity as the openly stated guiding compass of SEL, it’s easy to see that the goal of this invasive, government-funded curriculum is to shape children’s thinking, so that they all ultimately share the same radical, social justice-oriented view of the world. SEL also lays the groundwork for the acceptance of fluid gender identity as a social norm


The proponents of Social Emotional Learning use pleasing words such as kindness, social awareness, and self-awareness to describe the program’s goals. But don’t be fooled: SEL at the core is nothing more than the implementation of Critical Race theory, often called Culturally Responsive Teaching, or Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Ask yourself: Should the government be defining which of your child’s emotions and ideals are considered “good” and acceptable? Isn’t that a parent’s job?


The federal government is so invested in planting the seeds of equity and social activism in the minds of our youth it has added strings to school funding, requiring districts to implement SEL programs to gain support. It should come as no surprise then that SEL is large and profitable industry.


Consider that in addition to the need to add social workers to a district's payroll, supporting SEL takes a trifecta of organizations:


  1. CASEL, the foundation of all SEL programs

  2. SEL curriculum companies, such as Harmony, which is used by SUSD

  3. A data company, such as Panorama Education, that monitors students through surveys and has financial ties to US. Attorney General Merrick Garland


In a broader scope, SEL is a component of the CDC’s “Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) education plan. An additional pillar of this plan includes Planned Parenthood promoted Comprehensive Sex Education which advocates for graphic sexualized programming for kids as young as kindergarten, without parental consent. Those driving the concept of Community Schools aim to gain acceptance through the offer of “wraparound services” for every child that include “free” healthy meals, health care, tutoring, mental health counseling and more both during and after school.


President Ronald Regan may have summarized my feelings about SEL and Community Schools when he uttered the following in 1986: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”


All students deserve respect and a quality education. To ensure that happens, Social Emotional Learning must be removed from our classrooms. 

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