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Research Your School Library

Find out what books are available to your child so you can make informed decisions about your child's education. 

  • You can review SUSD library book purchases here

  • Review your student's library book check-out history here

HOW TO: Search the Scottsdale Unified libraries online database of titles:

  1. Visit or

  2. Select a school

  3. Login using your student's gapps account


Some teachers may maintain libraries in their classrooms. Books included in classrooms may not be included in the searchable library database. If you're concerned about items made available to your student, contact the teacher or principal to request a review or classroom tour for more information. 

Books Discovered in SUSD Libraries

Below are a few books available in the Scottsdale Unified School District libraries that some may find problematic for their children due to sexual or mature content. With knowledge, each parent can make informed decisions about what is right for their child.

Library Bookshelves

Know Your Rights

Arizona State Statue 15-721 & 15-722

School districts must: Make available on the school district's website for review by the public a list of all books and materials purchased after January 1, 2023, for any of the district's school libraries for a period of at least sixty days after the purchase. 

Additionally, A.R.S. 15-120.03 states: "a public school in this state may not refer students to or use any sexually explicit material in any manner."

Picking a Book

Book Opt-Out

Scottsdale Unified now has a color-coded book system thanks to new procedures implemented by a recent book review committee. 

GREEN = Teachers may use the book at any time

YELLOW = Teachers must notify parents and obtain permission to use the book in class

Parents can opt your child out of book access with the following form. 

Desert Mountain High School: 
Banned Books Video

This video was played on school-wide morning announcements in September 2022. 

DMHS: Banned Books
Desert Mountain High School

DMHS: Banned Books

Know the Truth: Guarding Kids’ Innocence is NOT Banning Books 

"There’s a lot of shockingly inappropriate material being pushed on kids—and I’m not referring to online porn or apps. It’s shocking because of who is disseminating it— those institutions we used to trust: schools and public libraries."

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