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How to File a Complaint 

Below you'll find forms and processes for filing 

    1) Curriculum complaints

    2) Personnel complaints

    3) Bullying or harassment complaints

How to File a Curriculum Complaint at SUSD

Once on the SUSD curriculum webpage, find the "Quick Links" section on the lower right-hand side, and then select "Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials"

... or click the button below!

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How to File a Personnel Complaint

Utilize board policies KEB, KEB-R and KEB-E to file a complaint against SUSD personnel if you feel AZ law, parents' rights or other have been violated. Be sure to follow the instructions exactly as written. 



Once you have completed the paperwork, send the forms along with all supporting documents and a cover letter to the governing school board, and copy the superintendent and SUSD's general counsel, who can be found here.


  • Keep a record of all actions. Document: when you filed the complaint; when you received a response; who responded and their position at SUSD

  • Keep everything in writing. Attending in-person meetings and phone calls is in SUSD's favor as it avoids documentation of events. If you do attend in-person meetings or events, have someone take notes and email those notes to the SUSD staff member following the meeting so they become part of public records. Be sure to document discussion topics, any decisions or agreements (or disagreements) that are reached, and the agreed upon next steps. 

  • File a complaint with the AZ Department of Education as well to ensure that an independent investigation is conducted in addition to Scottsdale Unified School District's self-evaluation. 

If you would like assistance throughout any portion of this process, please email us at and we'd be happy to assist. 


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How to File a Bullying or Harassment Complaint

1. Fill out the "Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation Reporting Form"

2. It's recommended to hand deliver the completed form to your child's principal.

3. After delivering the form, follow-up with the principal by emailing a copy of the form and a recap of your discussion, including any agreed-upon next steps. 

3. Copy the SUSD Support Services director on your email.

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