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Opt-Out Forms

As a parent you have the right to raise your child in a manner consistent with your beliefs. This right includes opting your child out of curriculum, mental health screenings, surveys, meetings with school social workers and more. To learn more about your rights, visit the Center for Arizona Policy's "Parental Rights" information page and, then use one of the forms below to take action and inform your school of the choices that are best for your family.

Per A.R.S 15-102, sexual education lessons are

opt-IN and always require parent permission. 

Opt Out of SEL, Divisive Curriculum, Clubs & More

I, ________________________________, as parent and/or legal guardian of ___________________________________, a minor child, hereby exercise my right under the Arizona Parents Bill of Rights, the US Constitution and the Constitution and laws of the state of Arizona, to direct the upbringing and education of my minor child, and hereby place school administrators on notice of the following:

I expect transparency, and to be notified of, and have the opportunity to opt my child out of - or opt into as required by law - classroom curriculum and activities, and school policies that violate our family’s sincerely held beliefs as follows. I expect to receive the opportunity to opt my child into sexual education lessons and surveys, pursuant to Arizona law.

​• Social Emotional Learning: I expect to be notified in advance if a SEL lesson is planned for my child's class. My child should not receive any Social Emotional Learning instruction, even if the SEL lessons are taught within the context of another subject, or taught under a different name, such as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

​• Curriculum: I expect to receive advance notice of the following in curriculum, clubs, camps or any other school-sponsored or related event: Divisive concepts including teaching that our country was founded on hate and oppression and is a “systemically” racist country, that classic virtues are “white supremacy,” racial stereotyping, excessive focus on identity and grievance, or “liberated” ethnic studies curriculum.

​• Activities: I expect to receive advance notice of the following in curriculum, clubs, camps or any other school-sponsored or related event: “Affinity” groups or activities in the classroom that form based on immutable or socio-economic characteristics, “privilege” walks, assemblies or programs featuring “diversity” consultants, and clubs or activities which use resources from LGBT-activist groups such as GLSEN and The Trevor Project which promote transgenderism to children.

​• Policies: I expect to receive advance notice of the following in curriculum, clubs, camps or any other school-sponsored or related event: Compelled speech such as pronouns and land acknowledgements; “gender support” plans or keeping my child’s student records secret from me; treating my child differently in facilities, homework, and class participation based on immutable or socio-economic characteristics; and allowing students to access opposite biological-sex restrooms, sports teams, and overnight or boarding room facilities

ARIZONA OPT-IN LAWS: As a reminder, I expect the district to follow Arizona laws:

SURVEYS: Per A.R.S 15-117: "At least seven days before administering any survey to a pupil, every school district and charter school shall provide a copy of the survey to the pupil's parent along with a written informed consent form and shall obtain written informed consent from the pupil's parent for the pupil to participate in the survey."

​SEXUAL EDUCATION: Per A.R.S. 15-711: "School districts & charter schools may not provide sex education instruction before grade 5. Before a parent provides written permission for the parent's child to participate in any sex education curricula, the school district or charter school shall make the sex education curricula available for the parent's review online and in person." My family's sincerely held belief is that sex education includes sexual orientation and gender ideology including presenting as fact ideas such as a child being “born in the wrong body” or that “sex is assigned or chosen.” I object to my child being given access to material with explicit descriptions of sex and sex acts, implied depictions of sexual acts, other material that is harmful to minors such as excess violence, or sadomasochistic abuse.

In accordance with my parental rights, with or without my receipt of advance notice from the school, I hereby OPT MY CHILD OUT–in a manner that does not stigmatize or penalize my child.

I kindly ask for written acknowledgement of my request and look forward to working collaboratively and respectfully with you and school staff members to ensure that my child is not subjected to belief-based practices which violate our family’s sincerely held beliefs, and which are, in my view, unrelated (and potentially antithetical) to your school’s responsibility to provide my child with a quality education.

Sincerely, ________________________________________________

Parent(s) / Guardian(s) of ___________________________________________   


Date: _______________________

Section Title


Use this form to opt-out of supplemental curriculum such as PebbleGo, BrainPOP, ListenWise and others that can be accessed by your child 24/7 via his/her Scottsdale Unified School District issued computer. 


    Opt Out of Co-Ed Bathrooms



    In relation to Arizona Revised Statue 1-601 and 1-602 whereas all parental rights are to a parent of a minor child without obstruction or interference from this state, any other political subdivision of this state, any other governmental entity or any other institution including: The right to direct the education of the minor child. The right to direct the upbringing of the minor child. The right to direct the moral or religious training of the minor child. The right to make health care decisions for the minor child, including rights pursuant to sections 15-873, 36-2271 and 36-2272 unless otherwise prohibited by law. Any attempt to encourage or coerce a minor child to withhold information from the child’s parent shall be grounds for discipline of an employee of this state, any political subdivision of this state or any other government entity, except for law enforcement personnel.


    Whereas, I require the _______________________________ School District to a make available and ­ensure that my child uses exclusively a single stall restroom that is a single occupant room with a­ full-panel door with a secure lock, and that at no time are children of the opposite biological sex allowed to access or occupy any spaces while my child uses the restroom or locker rooms.


    Parent Name: __________________________________________________


    Student Name: _________________________________________________


    Parent Phone: (        ) ____________________________________________


    Parent Email: ___________________________________________________


    DATE: __________________________________________________________


    Parent Signature: __________________________________________________

    Medical, Vaccine + Mask Opt-Out

    Use this form to opt-out of mental health screenings, COVID vaccines, masks, and immunizations.

    Per A.R.S 15-102, sexual education lessons are opt-in and always require parent permission. 

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    Opt Out of School Counseling

    School Counseling Opt-Out Form



    I request that my child _________________________________, in grade ________ NOT participate in school counseling as indicated below. My child should not attend any meetings with a school counselor or social worker, nor be included in any in-class counseling programs, lessons or any other type of instruction that is given by or originated from school counselors or social workers.  


    If a school counselor or social worker requests to see my child for any reason, I must be informed prior to the meeting. If I agree to allow my child to meet with the requesting counselor/social worker, I will be present for the meeting.  


    ________________ ● opt my child OUT of all personal and social counseling.


    ________________ ● opt my child OUT of all academic counseling.


    _________________ ● opt my child OUT of all career counseling.


    _________________ ● opt my child OUT of all counseling and social worker services.




    Signature of parent/guardian: ____________________________Date ___________



    Student’s name (please print): ________________________________________________________

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