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Clubs to Be Aware Of

Below are articles, descriptions and documents that provide a deeper understanding of club activities and curriculum.

Children Arriving at School

Scottsdale Unified's School Clubs

SUSD offers a variety of school clubs. While many clubs offer enriching experiences for students, below are a few that may warrant more research to ensure they are right for your family. 

HOW TO: Find information about the clubs at your child's SUSD school campus.

  1. Visit

  2. Select a school from the "Our Schools" dropdown menu

  3. Select "Extracurriculars" from the top navigation

  4. Select "Clubs" 

TO KNOW: About your child's club participation

  1. Parent permission is not required to join any club, including the sexuality focused clubs

  2. Club meeting minutes are not available for parent review

  3. Some club descriptions are misleading to hide gender and sexuality topics; always do your research

Know the Law

15-143. Educational records; rights of parents

A. In accordance with the rights secured under section 1-602, subsection A, paragraph 2, a parent shall have access to all written and electronic records of a school district or charter school or a school district or charter school employee concerning the parent's child and to all electronic accounts of the parent's child, including all of the following:

1. Attendance records.

2. Test scores of school-administered tests and statewide assessments.

3. Grades.

4. Extracurricular activities or club participation.

Justitia Goddess
Wix - she's the first.png

She's The First Club

This organization states that it is dedicated to helping girls achieve more and to attain leadership positions, however it teaches girls that they must accept that boys are allowed to join if they claim to be girls
Abstract Paint

Equity and Inclusion Club

The biggest buzzword in public education is "equity," followed closely by "inclusion". Promoting an ideology that is in opposition to America's founding principle of equal opportunity, the concept of equity focuses on different treatment for students based on race for the goal of having equal outcomes, regardless of effort or merit. This club offers more progressive ideology during after-school hours, disguised as kindness and diversity training. 

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