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Comprehensive Sex Education

Comprehensive Sex Education is a K-12 initiative that promotes the idea that children as young as 5 are sexual beings, and thus sexual education should begin in Kindergarten. 

The curriculum heavily promotes the idea that gender is a choice, not a scientific fact, and molds young children's minds to "affirm one’s own gender identities and respect the gender identities of others."

SUSD Superintendent Menzel supports and promotes the concept of gender identity. And here

Sex Education Guidelines for K-12

The Siecus "Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexual Education" promote that sexual education should begin for 5-year-olds and recommends all "Level 1" developmental messaging (below) for this age group. At age 9, as part of "Level 2" messaging, students are taught that gender is a choice.

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Planned Parenthood + Comprehensive Sed Education

"Central to the philosophy behind CSE is the idea that people are sexual beings from birth.  In December 2022, an executive director of the U.S.-based Planned Parenthood affiliate’s sex education division generated headlines by saying “we are all sexual beings from birth until death” and calling for students to be taught “porn literacy.”  “Age-appropriate sex education is so important,” said Bill Taverner, “[a]nd we have to let our experts guide us.”" And here is an article with many words we do not feel comfortable adding to this site. 

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Protect Arizona Children Coalition

Sign the Protect Arizona Children Petition to stand against Comprehensive Sex Education and find several resources for protecting Arizona's children, including this powerful video titled: The War on Children: The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda


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