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Below you'll find a selection of news articles exploring SUSD's commitment to teaching students that they can choose their own gender and hide their identity from parents. 

Also available is a selection of research articles that present insight into this concerning trend, the danger of normalizing pronoun selection and gender identity news from schools around the country. 

Scottsdale Unified + Gender Identity

More Local SUSD Articles


Scottsdale Unified: Teenage Boys Allowed to Sleep In Girls’ Cabins At Gender Identity Camp

"The controversial Scottsdale Unified program, Unitown, is under fire again as documents obtained through public records requests seem to indicate that the district assigns high school boys to sleep in girls’ cabins, if the male students claim they are female. No evidence has been presented that SUSD has any process for verifying the boys’ claims, leaving some to wonder if the district leadership has any standards for protecting girls put in the position of sharing their bedroom with a boy while attending district sponsored overnight activities."


Scottsdale Unified School District Records Raise Questions About Hormone Therapy For Students

Scottsdale Unified School District has several controversial Genders Sexuality Alliance clubs on its middle and high school campuses. As reported in the Arizona Daily Independent, there is evidence of the district’s social workers using the Untiown Club as a cover for sexualized programming.

Now, a recent public records request to the district has resulted in disclosure of a blank patient intake form for a local hormone and gender transition facility located in the Phoenix area. The purpose of the document is yet unknown, and questions about the form to SUSD Superintendent Scott Menzel and members of the school board have gone unanswered.


Scottsdale Unified Parents Call For Investigation Of Employee Discussing Gender Ideology With Kindergarteners

"Parents in the Scottsdale Unified School District demanded an investigation into reports of a staff member discussing gender ideology with kindergarteners. The demand followed multiple instances in which children expressed confusion and concern after encounters with the staff member, who claimed to be neither a male nor female."

Alliance Defending Freedom

How Gender Theory Undermines Reality

What is gender theory? Read this breakdown of its history and how it’s affecting our society for the worse.

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"Their doctors and our society told them transitioning was the path to becoming the person they truly were. Now, years later, victims of this agenda reveal the gut wrenching truth about the scars they will bear for the rest of their lives."
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Why Pronouns are So Dangerous

“Pronouns” enforcement is the ticket that puts a child on
the runaway Transgender train. It is not “just manners”
or “acceptance” as child mutilation advocates (CMA’s)
would like parents to believe. It is the entry point to the
." - Courage is a Habit

Review this article to discover SUSD staff that were caught secretly surveying children about their pronoun usage and if they should be hidden from parents. 

As kids we were taught that adults who encourage us to keep secrets from our parents are engaging in RED FLAG behavior.

Understanding Transgender Issues

The number of transgender children has skyrocketed over the past decade, in large part among teenage girls.


Proponents of the gender identity movement claim that affirming a child's imaginary gender is "kind" and that not doing so will increase the child's risk of suicide. On the contrary, research also shows that putting children on a path to sterilization and mutualization surgery, all before they are old enough to understand the life-altering decisions being made for them, can have profound negative impacts on young lives.  


Read this selection of articles for a perspective you're unlikely to find in mainstream media. 

Understanding Transgender Issues

Family Watch International offers a variety of videos, research and articles on the transgender push that is destroying so many families and children's lives. Subscribe to their newsletter to keep up to date on the latest gender and sexuality news stories from around the world. 

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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Transgender Galaxy

"In a remarkably short period of time, a bizarre new ideology has taken hold across the U.S. and around the world.  Gender Identity Ideology claims that any man who feels like a woman is a woman.  He and his male anatomy are entitled to be in the women’s locker room and women’s sports. It claims that any woman who feels like a man is a man, even when she’s doing something quintessentially female like giving birth.  In fact, by giving birth, a woman who identifies as a man demonstrates that men have babies too.  According to Gender Identity Ideology, children who reject their actual sex must be “affirmed” as the sex they claim to be, including via medical “treatments”, if they want those."

"Schools are teaching this ideology.  Major medical institutions have embraced it.  The Democrats, the Greens and most socialist groups are avidly pushing it.  Executive Orders, federal and state legislation, and local policies already enshrine it into law."


"This is a very bad thing.  Every person, Left or Right, who cares about justice and human rights, needs to stand up now to vocally oppose Gender Identity Ideology.  We must all demand that Gender-Identity-pushing policies and programs be rescinded." - Carol Dansereau

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Transgender Research: Five Things Every Parent and Policy-Maker Should Know

"The past 10 years have seen an exponential rise in the occurrence of gender confusion or gender dysphoria (also called transgender or gender non-conforming)* among young people worldwide, especially among teenage girls. The distress of these young people is real, and the causes of this unprecedented trend are unclear, raising difficult questions about compassionate, ethical, and effective ways to respond. Experts disagree, with some recommending watchful waiting plus counseling and some asserting that cross-sex medical procedures are necessary in order to prevent suicide. The U.S. federal policy of the current administration, which endorses “early gender affirming care” for “children and adolescents” (HHS, 2022), is considered controversial by many. And the dramatic rise in use of cross-sex hormones and surgery for young people has been the focus of heated debate, causing uncertainty in patients, parents, physicians, and policy-makers as to what is best. Below is a compilation of research evidence on five key questions about these issues, shared in the hope of helping gender-confused young people receive the best care." - The Institute for Research & Evaluation

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5-Minute Video

The Sexualization of Children

"Who should decide when and how to discuss issues like sex and gender with young children? Just a decade ago, this was thought to be the sole purview of parents. But that is no longer the case. Why is this shift happening, and who’s behind it? Karol Markowicz addresses these important questions."  

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    Abstract Linear Background

    Groups Pushing Gender Ideology
    Into Schools

    Learn about organizations that are pushing a gender identity agenda, such as GLSEN, Planned Parenthood, Gender Spectrum, and CASEL, the foundation of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). 

    Gender Identity in Schools
    Across the US

    Sexuality in SUSD
    School Plays

    The Desert Mountain Theatre Presented "She Kills Monsters"

    on February 8-10, 2023. According to The New York Times, the play features: "Queer Kids, Nerds and Sword Fights."


    I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I’m Blowing the Whistle.

    Image: Jamie Reed

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    The Philosophical Contradictions of the Transgender Worldview

    The thinking of transgender activists is inherently confused and filled with internal contradictions. Activists never acknowledge those contradictions. Instead, they opportunistically rely on whichever claim is useful at any given moment.

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