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Parent's Toolkit

Know Your Rights and Use These Tools To Defend Them

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Parent Curriculum Discoveries

Review a collection of concerning curriculum discovered by parents.


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Contact Scottsdale Unified

Learn How to Connect with Teachers & File Concerns with the District

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How to Submit a Public Records Request

SUSD staff emails and district documents are public information. Learn how to obtain copies of information pertaining to your child's education. 

Research SUSD & Join Committees

Learn How to Get Involved and Learn More

About Scottsdale Unified School District



Learn About SUSD Clubs

SUSD offers a variety of school clubs. While many clubs offer enriching experiences for students, below are a few that may warrant more research to ensure they are right for your family. 

Alphabet Cubes

Terms to Watch For

From equity to social justice, discover the terms you may encounter as you learn more about your child's education. 

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Report a Concern

Have a concern about an SUSD club, assignment, teacher or other? 

We're here to help!

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