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Questions To Ask Your School

Below you'll find links to a series of questions, separated by topic, that have been prepared for school officials by Parents Defending Education. Parents have a right to answers about their child's education. Pose your questions politely, and preferably, in public at a meeting where the cameras are recording.

Press conference


Example: "You have grouped a number of new school policies under the concept of advancing “social justice.” Can you define, using specifics, what “social justice” means? Do you believe that people who disagree with the “social justice” policies you support are advocates of injustice?"

Example: "Will you disclose publicly how much money our district and school are spending on new race, gender, and “social justice” initiatives? How much is being spent on teacher training programs, DEI consultants, and “audits” of the school? If you have hired someone to carry out an audit, will you release it to the public so parents and students can see it? If not, why not?"


Example: Do you approve or disapprove of Transformative SEL? (SEL to advance equity)

Example: What are some examples of school districts that have implemented SEL that have had a positive impact on proficiency rates?

In the Classroom
All Gender Restroom


Example: "Do you teach students that biological sex is binary?"

Example: "Are students allowed to use any restroom or locker room they want if they say it aligns with their gender identity? "


Example: "What is the school or district code of conduct?"

Example: "Does this school have a zero-tolerance policy and how is it implemented?"

Security Guard
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