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Public records laws give parents the power to find out what our children are learning in school, what school administrators are discussing, what trainings teachers attend and more. 

Visit the Goldwater Institute to review their public records "how-to" guide, then

submit a request using the

Scottsdale Unified District's online portal

NOTE: The requestor and subject of each request to

SUSD are publicly posted on their website. 

Scottsdale Unites - SUSD PRR.png
Create an account at the Scottsdale Unified Public Records Portal to submit a request. 

Before you submit, know:

  • What dates apply to your search?

  • What keywords are important?

  • Are you interested in communications to/from a specific person?

  • If you are seeking emails, state that you want all attachments.

  • Provide a due date when the documents are expected - generally 30 days out. 

  • State that documents should be provided "through the date that the request is filled."

  • In addition to email, SUSD relies on several apps and other systems for communication. See BELOW for recommended language that will help ensure SUSD provides all relevant information. 

Know the Law

A.R.S. § 39-121 states that public records requests must be filled promptly

and failure to do so is considered a denial. 

Recommended Format


Please provide all records, including, but not limited to, electronic mail ( AND, texts (telephonic and messaging apps), Basecamp correspondence, memoranda, files, or any other communications or materials regarding, referring to, or including [INSERT DESCRIPTION OF YOUR DESIRED INFORMATION] for the dates of [INSERT DATES]. In connection with this request: “Record” defined by law. In conducting the search, please construe the term “record” in the broadest possible sense under applicable law. Public records should include, but not be limited to, all complaints; allegations; claims; investigatory reports; analyses; summaries; memoranda and/or notes; interview recordings; transcripts and/or notes; reviews; emails, text or other electronic messages, voicemails, and/or other communications and/or correspondence; determinations; decisions; orders; letters of reproval and/or other disciplinary actions, whether imposed or not; referrals to law enforcement; and all similar materials notwithstanding the use of other terminology, nomenclature, or categorization by this or other involved public agencies. The request includes any attachments to those records or other materials enclosed with a record when transmitted. If an email is responsive to the request, then the request includes all prior messages sent or received in that email chain, as well as any attachments. Metadata embedded within electronically-maintained records, including e-mail addresses, provided to and maintained by government entities are public records and are not statutorily exempted from public records requirements. Lake v. City of Phoenix, 222 Ariz. 547, 551 ¶12, 218 P.3d 1004, 1008 (2009). Personal devices and unofficial systems. Do not exclude records of official business conducted using unofficial systems or stored outside of official files, such as personal e-mail accounts or text messages. It is not adequate to rely on policies and procedures that require officials to move such information to official systems within a certain period of time. If any portion of this request is denied, please provide an index of the records that have been withheld and the reasons those records have been withheld, including citations of the legal authority upon which you rely. Wherever possible, please provide responsive records in an electronic format via email. To accelerate release of public records, production is welcomed on an agreed rolling basis as information becomes available. Thank you.

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