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Superintendent Scott Menzel shares his thoughts on white people, meritocracy and social justice. 

Enjoy this article which is no longer available at Tourchlight Media.

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    " of our core values is "equity, inclusion and social justice ..."
    - Scott Menzel

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      "You can see the stark inequities ..."
      - Scott Menzel

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        " adopting the Educational Equity policy, ... not only for policy, but funding decisions as well ... we're going to hold ourselves accountable for the ways in which we're disrupting and dismantling systems ..."
        - Scott Menzel

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          "...the board has allocated funding for EISJ [Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice] work, roughly $100,000 per year ..."
          - Scott Menzel

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            "...and the training we're providing is causing our employees, especially our employees who identify as white ..."
            - Scott Menzel

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              "...the reemergence of the white supremacist subculture ... it always was there under the surface, it's the very fabric of the way this country was established..."
              - Scott Menzel

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                " gives you the opportunity to dismantle, disrupt, and then recreate something that's socially just and more equitable."
                - Scott Menzel

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                  "...because I had that advantage in this country, I have an additional burden and obligation to dismantle."
                  - Scott Menzel

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                    "I did have someone tell me as I was going on about dismantling and disrupting systems, she said, "Scott, be careful, there are children in these school buildings."
                    - Scott Menzel

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                      "...because that's a white dominant-cultural norm ... we study everything to death."
                      - Scott Menzel

                      "And sometimes we're going to screw it up, so let's learn from it, and pick ourselves up and continue on the road to justice, because the thing we can't do is not act." 

                      - Scott Menzel

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                        "But white people have racial identity as well, and in fact problematic racial identity that we typically avoid. ..."
                        - Scott Menzel

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                          "To me it starts with school boards and policy, because everything flows from that. Superintendents that ignore board policy get fired."
                          - Scott Menzel

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                            "...white people need to feel comfortable, and quite frankly we shouldn't feel comfortable, we should feel really, really uncomforable. "
                            - Scott Menzel

                            "In this country it's about
                            meritocracy. Pull up yourself by your bootstraps, everybody has the same opportunity.
                            And it's a lie."
                            -Scott Menzel

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