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Girl with Acrylic Paints

Whole Child / Learning 2025 Programs

"Whole school, whole child, whole community" education is a birth-to-graduation government plan for shaping children's ideas, under the guise of family support. 

The program is another attempt by educational institutions to shape, guide and define the acceptable social behaviors desired in children, and to discourage behaviors that go against a globalist, social justice-oriented view of the world. 

As you research this subject, notice the use of buzzwords such as systemic, equitable, culturally affirming, and more. 


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Know-Before-You-Buy: What’s Inside of ‘Whole School, Whole Child’ Models?

What is the Whole Child Approach to Education?

ANSWER: The latest buzz phrase in education

"The main idea of a whole child approach to education is to shift the focus of education away from academics and toward other aspects of a child’s well-being. These include aspects for which schools have not traditionally been responsible: mental health, emotional health, and physical health. The whole child approach is supported by the CDC, state governments, teacher unions, the United Nations, and companies that develop school curriculum." - Restoring Ottawa

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    Learn About Whole Child Education

    "The whole child approach is the latest buzz phrase in education and its ideas are being implemented in schools across the country."

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